Professional development training for researchers

A range of courses taught live online, in person or self-paced via our Electv Training platform



What we do

Electv specialises in designing and delivering researcher development workshops and training. We offer a range of workshops for research students and staff in universities, CDTs, research institutes, the NHS and companies around the UK and Europe throughout the year. In addition, our Electv online training school has several online courses designed for researchers.

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We deliver workshops at universities and organisations all around the UK & Europe. We also offer live online training to universities all around the world.

  • Our workshops are either half a day or a full day in duration
  • All workshops are categorised according to the Vitae RDF sub domains
  • Workshops can be tailored for postgraduate students or research staff
  • Our workshops and courses cover subjects such as scholarly publishing and communication, applying for funding and career planning.

For brochures with full details of the workshops we offer for both students and staff, please complete our brochure request form. If you would like bespoke training for a specific project or group then please contact us with your requirements.



Our Electv online training school is a specialist training platform for research students  and staff. Researchers from all over the world are now joining our online community and the feedback is excellent.

  • All of our online courses can be completed in the researcher’s own time
  • Courses are short and designed to fit around a busy research & teaching schedule
  • Certificates are awarded on completion of each course

Both students and staff are already completing our courses and we are in the process of creating more. Access to a course can be purchased individually or in batches of 10+ and prices start at £10 per student. Please see our online courses page for the courses we provide. To enquire or book online courses, please contact us.

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Our clients

For the last eleven years, we have delivered training workshops in over 60 universities and institutes around the UK & Europe, in addition to companies, the NHS and government agencies. We have developed programmes for Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) and Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) around the UK, and we regularly design, manage and deliver bespoke training programmes for postdoctoral research staff.

Our Electv asynchronous online courses are also now very popular and we now have a growing number of students and research staff from all over the world registering on our online platform.



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Open courses

In addition to the courses and workshops we deliver at universities, we offer open courses throughout the year that are open to all. If you would like to be notified of upcoming courses then please subscribe to our mailing list. We accept both individual and group bookings and you can see all of our open courses on the upcoming courses page.