Who we are

Electv specialises in training and skills development for researchers, offering a a variety of professional development workshops and online training courses. We deliver workshops to over 50 universities and institutes around the UK & Europe, in addition to Centres for Doctoral Training, the NHS and government agencies.

Our workshops are very popular with both students and staff – our informative sessions, opportunity to network with other researchers and relatable instructors (who used to be researchers themselves) all ensure that we are invited back to institutions regularly. See our testimonials page for comments from participants of our workshops.


We are based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and Electv is the training division of The Scientific Editing Company. The company was founded in 2010 by Dr Joanna Young, after she completed her postdoctoral research at the University of Edinburgh.

Electv aims to promote lifelong learning, discovery and communication. We now work with clients from countries all around the globe and we continue to grow.


Our Annual ReCon Conference 


In June 2013, we were delighted to hold our first conference on scholarly communication and lifelong learning, where we welcomed speakers from both home and abroad. This became the Annual ReCon Conference and we have hosted speakers from academia, publishing and beyond in Edinburgh every year since.




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