Electv specialises in designing and delivering researcher development workshops and online courses. We provide the following:

    • Privately booked sessions for universities, CDTs & institutes (delivered either live online or in person)
    • Asynchronous online courses on our Electv training platform
    • Open courses held throughout the year & available for individual or group bookings

We offer a range of over 25 workshops for research students and staff in universities, CDTs, institutes and companies around the UK and Europe throughout the year, in addition to our open courses. Our workshops are either half a day or a full day in duration and all workshops are categorised into sub-domains according to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.

Our courses are very popular with MSc, PhD and postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines. Please see our testimonials page or request one of our brochures for feedback comments from our course participants. In addition to delivering training for universities, we run open courses throughout the year and these are listed on our upcoming courses page.

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To request our brochures containing full details of the workshops we offer, please complete this short form or email us at We have two separate brochures: one for PGR students and another for research staff.




We offer a range of over 25 workshops in the following areas:

  • Writing and publishing
  • Essential skills
  • Career planning

All workshops are designed for groups of 20-25 and our content is regularly updated to ensure that we keep up with advances in policy, publishing, digital tools and researcher development. All of our workshops can be delivered as live online sessions via Zoom or in person: we delivered all of our sessions via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic and had a very popular response to this from participants, therefore we are continuing to offer online training going forward.

In our workshop brochure, we describe each workshop in detail,  link it to the relevant Vitae RDP sub-domains, list the learning outcomes and include testimonials from participants based at institutes around the UK & Europe. We offer 20 workshops for PGR students and 15 for research staff.



Our workshops include:


cropped-electvlogo.png An introduction to the scholarly publishing process

  • Includes an overview of the publishing process, author responsibilities, selecting journals, peer review and more
  • Essential information for all researchers regarding publishing
  • Consists of presentations by the instructor, group discussion, individual exercises and use of multimedia
  • After the workshop, participants may register for a follow on course online

“This was a thorough overview of the publishing process with useful insights from firsthand experience of the process.” – PhD student, Centre for Doctoral Training



cropped-electvlogo.png Attracting your own research funding: writing & the application process

  • Delivered by instructor who successfully obtained a research funding
  • Insights into the process, timelines, defining your proposal, resources
  • Session includes the unique Electv® strategic planning tool

“Competent, encouraging and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your own experience of getting a fellowship too, very useful!” – Researcher, Wellcome Trust


ball shaped blur close up focus

cropped-electvlogo.png Careers beyond research: applying your skills outside academia

  • Highlights a range different career options, uses case studies and provides resources for participants to explore in their own time
  • Opportunity to complete the unique Electv Elements™ skills evaluation and apply it to their CV

“Enthusiastic, engaging & encouraging workshop. I especially liked the dynamic style of the presenter.” – PhD student

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